True Vision Treatment ®


Yolia’s True Vision Treatment® (TVT) is a safe, non-invasive, binocular and repeatable treatment for people who suffer from presbyopia. TVT is self-administered by the patient in his or her own home. It employs a combination of customized TVT contact lenses and specially formulated TVT eye drops – which, when used together, safely modifies the sphericity of the patient’s cornea leading to superior vision.

After only 3 days of treatment with TVT patients are able to stop using the TVT contact lenses, TVT eye drops and their reading glasses for up to one year at a time before re-treatment with TVT is needed. What is even greater than correcting for presbyopia non-invasively, is correcting both eyes without compromising distance vision.

TVT works by altering the corneal topography (curvature) into a multi-focusing optical system by creating varying focal points of all ranges of near vision. This is accomplished, not only without the compromise of distance vision, but in the majority of the cases improving far vision, by reducing high order corneal aberrations through the creation of intentional micro-topographical changes.

Product Highlights

  • TVT was approved for commercial use in Mexico in 2008 by the Mexican FDA and has been administered to more than 290 presbyopic patients to-date.
  • With TVT 92% of our patients con now read newsprint and 91% increased their distance vision at the same time.
  • Patients have experienced near-vision improvement of 5.0 lines on average for more than eight months.
  • Patients experienced no distance vision loss as a result of the treatment. In fact, patients gained distance vision acuity after the treatment cycle was completed.
  • No adverse side effects as result of using the TVT treatment and the patient can perform all normal activities while being treated.

Two Step Process

  1. Corneal Molding: Each lens design has specific curvature and diameter to create a unique multifocal design Yolia’s TVT contaclenses are formulated to create a specific effect. They are designed on an individual basis using topography and corneal eccentricity. Each lens design has specific curvature and diameter to create a unique multifocal design.
  2. Topical Formulation: Yolia’s TVT eye drops increase the corneal malleability making it more adaptable to contact lenses and thereby improving the retention of their benefits for the patient’s vision over time.

Competitive Advantages

Yolia TVT possesses several distinct advantages :

  1. TVT users enjoy long periods of lens-free vision after treatment. In some cases, patients treated with TVT can enjoy impeccable vision as long as a year TVT is completely non-invasive.
  2. The TVT patient treatment experience is no different than wearing contact lenses and regularly using eye drops for seven days. TVT patients also enjoy corrected near and distance vision – a benefit not realized with surgical procedures.
  3. TVT is repeatable. As such, patients can modify their treatment plan to ensure that they continue to enjoy perfect vision quality, even as their eyes age and change naturally. Should results for particular patient prove sub-optimal; the eye will naturally resume its normal vision.

  4. TVT is only available in Mexico. TVT patients will require re-treatment if the refractive error progresses over time, similar to progression for those who wear glasses or contacts. Re-treatment duration will vary significantly from patient to patient.

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