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About Yolia Health

About Yolia Health

Finding a safer, personalized treatment for vision problems like myopia and presbyopia has been often described as the last frontier of eye care. That is the motivation within the company, to improve the quality of vision with safe and personalized treatments.

TVT is not limited to presbyopia treatment. Yolia has successfully treated myopia as well and expects to be able to release a treatment option for myopia and post refractive patients to the market. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Americans have a refractive vision problem which is only increasing by our dependency on technology (smart phones, ipads, etc).

Yolia’s True Vision Treatments will alleviate the need for people to wear any form of vision corrective lenses, be they glasses or contacts. Our products are based on our proprietary TVT technology enabling safe and easy remolding of the cornea. Our innovations will have an enormous social benefit.

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